Why Become a DSA with Maskin Micro Finance

A DSA Partner is a professional financial advisor providing various services to their clients. Once registered with a DSA, they can also advise and provide loan services to their clientele. For a client, it provides an additional support in terms of various financial services, like Tax Planning, Investment advisory and others. In terms of overall outreach, a DSA partner can earn a decent some of money by registering with a DSA and refer credit products to both the retail and business loan requirements of their customers.

The main job of a loan DSA Partner is to create a link between a registered DSA and their existing client base that are looking for a loan. They are also the agents who are there to help these individuals arrange funds from a wide range of lenders and act as a bridge between both the parties throughout the process. Also, they bear an additional responsibility of handling the documents, verification and submission. For a borrower, the DSA partner serves as a single resource for all administrative formalities regarding their loan application.

Eligibility for becoming Maskin Micro Finance DSA

Maskin Micro Finance (A Unit of Maskin Micro Finance India Pvt. Ltd.) is a registered DSA platform, which has partnered with more than 50+ Banks and NBFCs to offer loan to customers in pan India basis. Maskin Micro Finance products include Personal Loan, Business Loan, Instant Loan, Gold Loan, Education Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan and much more. The eligibility criteria to operate as a DSA is mentioned below:-

  • Age
  • You must be over 18 years of age.

  • Nationality
  • You must be a Resident Citizen of India

  • Educational Qualifications
  • You must minimum be H.S. Qualified

  • Professional Qualifications
  • Whether you are a working professional, or a business owner, you are welcome to register as a Ruloans Loan DSA Franchise

Required Documents

The documents to apply for a DSA is mentioned below:-

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Cancelled Cheque / First Page of Bank Passbook

Who can Start Loan DSA Online?

Anyone from any industry can come into Loan Business, generally people from Loan Industries are coming for DSA’s, and some of them come from banking industries with junior/senior label experience. Below are given the basic examples of professions that can use a Loan DSA.

  • Existing Bank Employees
  • Ex. Bank Employees
  • LIC or other Insurance Agent
  • Real Estate Agents
  • HR manager/ HR Executives
  • Digital Marketing Companies
  • Digital Marketing Employees
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Tax Consultant/ Tax Auditors
  • Network Marketing Agencies/ Agents
  • Any other Employees
  • Other business associates

Benefit offered to DSA

  • 1. Exclusive Payout Slabs Now Maskin Micro Finance is opening the Privilege Payout slabs range to our DSA where the Payout Slabs will be much higher than markets others DSA, and for some/limited banks/NBFCs for Personal Loan/Business Loan/Home Loan /Mortgage Loan flat payout will be offered. The payout slabs details will be shared in the Corporate Partner Agreement.
  • 2. Maskin Micro Finance DSA App with Automated Lead Processing Corporate Partner will get a new Partner app for instant processing loan application, this mobile app is directly integrated with various banks/ NBFCs through API for Personal Loan & Business Loans, DSA Application real time hit in Banks Systems and provides real time decision/ Feedback also provide further Application tracking for respective leads.
  • 3. Build Own Network Privilege Partners will get the admin control rights in Maskin Micro Finance CRM & APP; they can build their own connector network and manage their business. It will help our Partner to grow business professionally and transparently.
  • 4. The Maskin Micro Finance team is working continuously on data analysis, we will provide you with bank wise basic eligibility criteria, and it will be helpful for our DSA partners.
  • 5. Pan India Business Opportunity Corporate Partner can source digital business Pan India locations for a fully digital process without sharing payout with other Privilege Partners.
  • 6. Manage your team members business through our “My Team” module, under this module our partner can create dedicated login access in our partner app, under this model Team member will be login with their own id/password and get access of individual data. Our partner has the admin access to add/block team members any time.

Special Benefit offered to DSA

  • Amazing Dynamic Website for DSA.
  • Customised the website as per your choice.
  • Lead generation using that website.
  • AI Chat support in website.
  • Google Business Profile Creation.
  • Google Reveiw
  • Facebook Official Business Page
  • Official Youtube Channel
  • Full Social Media Promotion Support.
  • AI You Tube Video Creation Support.